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Bodgers Cottage, 7 The Street
NR34 8DZ
United Kingdom


We produce hand-crafted items using found objects and materials including: painted pebbles, fabric collages, free machine embroidered pictures, carved wooden spoons and tin-can ink pens. We accept commissions too, such as wedding place settings and one-off textile pictures.


Some musings on our life in Suffolk and beyond.

A windy day...

Edwin Mitchell-Finch

We are still stocking our shop ready for launch and there are still products that need photos. It was a lovely autumn day, bright blue sky and warm - hey, let's go to the beach and take the photos there, have a picnic lunch while we're at it!

Seemed like a good plan, so the whole team, that's Jane, Bert and I, load up the car and drive across to our nearest beach.

The minute we step from the car it's apparent that the wind is somewhat fresher here than at home. Still, we don jumpers, grab our gear and walk across to the dunes, lead by our ever-eager hound. Glorious sunshine, beautiful views and golden sand - that whips round your ankles like sandpaper! 

Not to be thwarted, Jane sets off down the beach to let Bert run off some steam. I unpack the first few items and finding an unspoilt patch of sand, set about taking some shots whilst attempting not to get sand anywhere on, in, or near the camera.

After a while, things are going OK, even though the wind is a complete pain, when DOOF! Here's Bert back to see what I'm up too - so much for the unspoilt sand... Wet from chasing pebbles into the sea, he then shakes himself for good measure.

OK, time for a break and a team photo...

With Bert once again under control I began taking more photos for the site - check them out, they're the sandy product shots in our shop. It was around this point that Jane decided to use her phone to take some snaps. Now where did she put it? In her pocket? In her bag? Nope. She had used it in the car on the way here... I think we all know that feeling of rising panic.

Go check, did it get left in the car? No! Then she remembers a packet of crisps falling out of her over-stuffed bag when she was down the beach with Bert, but surely her phone couldn't have fallen out too? Time to retrace her steps. At least Bert's happy to be heading off down the beach again.

Without much hope, I rang her phone. After a while a man's voice answered! There were a few cagey "Who's that?" questions before I discovered that he had found the phone on the beach. Covered in sand, he assumed it had been there for some time so didn't bother to shout after the lady with the mad dog he had recently passed on his stroll. Instead he took it home and rang our home number to report it found.

How did he find our home number? Well, I didn't know this either, but if you hold down the button, even on a locked iPhone, Siri will wake up and you can ask "Who owns this phone" and he or she will tell you!

So all's well that ends well. We decided to postpone the picnic, packed our things away and headed home, collecting the phone on the way.

Sandwiches at my desk again. Here's one last reminder of the day...